Friday, February 28, 2020

Credit and Loan Scams. In debt? Many will help you get into more debt!

When I mention "loan" in this post, I am not referring to an auto loan or mortgage on a house.  Although a few auto loan companies operate with the same mentality as those I mention below, most are legitimate businesses.

I am going to focus on the credit and loan companies that prey on those with sub-average, or "poor", credit scores.  You know who are by now, or should.  Finding your credit score these days is cheap if not absolutely free.  You really have no excuse to not know your credit score.  Just make sure you obtain it from a reputable service.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Phrases we can do without and I'm tired of them!

The English language (America's version anyway) is always changing.  Words are added and removed from the dictionary.  People make up their own words and phrases.  Some get accepted by society and some don't.

There are a few words or phrases that I really cannot stand to hear.  They are either overused or literally pointless.  Which brings me to the first word:

Friday, November 1, 2019

Budget Rent A Car, Denver International Airport = customer service hell

Denver skyline - The Denver Post image
(Image: Denver skyline - The Denver Post)

Planning a trip to Denver, Colorado.  The hotel website offered options to book a rental car, this one being through Budget Rent A Car.  Of course, the hotel probably gets some kickback by advertising the car rental company - a referral bonus.  Many companies do this and it is usually convenient for customers.  Without checking into this well-known rental company, I decided to book an economy car through Budget Rent A Car.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

If you drive at night with LED bars or other 3rd-party lights beside headlights...

(The photos in the post do not necessarily reflect that product or particular vehicle.  The pic(s) are just generic for show)

I get it.  It's dark on the interstate or on a back road and US, state and county roadways.  Yes, it is dark.  Most people's eyes adjust in darkness.  You make your dash lights dimmer so your eyes are more sensitive to what is happening outside the windshield (windscreen in the UK LOL).  Unless you're blind, your stock headlights should be sufficient to illuminate the roadway - assuming they are working and properly aligned, duh.  Having one or two headlights pointing into the trees will not help.  Having one headlight out so you look like a motorcycle at night also will not do much.  But, for whatever reason, some motorists - usually pickup truck drivers - have to purchase and use 3rd-party add-on lights...the LED light bars or high-intensity LED lights. And for the rest of us, these products do not come with, or they neglect to install, ON/OFF switches.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Oh, here it blog!  My last post was in December, 2017.  I guess it is time for another update or two, or maybe update this thing regularly.

What's the latest?  My last story was about HostGator and SiteLock.  I decided a few months ago to drop HostGator - and essentially, SiteLock - and have a new hosting service.  I use the new service mainly to test web development scripts. 

Yes, I write in PHP, mostly, and HTML and use MySQL databases.  I'm also learning LUA.

I also had issues with CVS (the pharmacy), a local news radio station and even Amazon (Prime) delivery.

So as I get back into this, I'll post here.

Thanks for following!

~ Mike

Thursday, December 28, 2017

SiteLock Scam?

I have been a HostGator customer for many years - since 2005!  Before you start with "they are the worst...", I never had a major issue with them.  I've had multiple sites hosted with them on one very affordable account.  The minor issues I had were fixed quickly and for a couple years now I have not needed any "support required" requests.  For me, at least, they have been reliable and a decent hosting solution.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hurricane Debris - Removed!

The neighborhood is finally looking like normal again thanks to the contractors who drove house-by-house to remove debris today.  A large truck with attached trailer, resembling a modified garbage truck and industrial size trailer attached, removed tree limbs and other debris.

The claws extended from the top of the truck like a small crane.  I'm not sure if the noise was from the crane itself or if they were compacting and/or mulching the brush to some degree.  But that doesn't matter.  It only lasted a few minutes.

We can now see the street again and a large patch of grass that has been growing, or dying underneath the brush pile.

The sad part is, the dead brush with its brown leaves, was our only visual reference that "fall" was here.  😀